Home Technology

Home Technology

Your home is a refuge from the world, a sanctuary from the elements, a place you can relax in comfort. Maximize your home living experience with innovative solutions from Clear Technologies. Let your family enjoy the convenience they want and keep your family connected with our home technology systems. Our infrastructure of wiring throughout the home will allow you to create an amazing movie theater in the comfort of your own home, surf the web on a beautiful day from your back porch, experience the thrills of state-of-the-art gaming, communicate with your family from any room, keep an eye on your home while your away, and even answer the door from any telephone in the house. At Clear Technologies we believe in simplifying home entertainment so you can enjoy it everyday of your life.

Home Technology - Computer Networks


With more and more technology becoming network driven and internet dependant, the home network has become the most important service in the home. Everything from laptops, printers and desktop computers to DVD players, televisions, music systems, iPods, and more are being connected to the home network. This has made the infrustructure and setup of the network that much more important for efficienty and speed.

At Clear Technologies we can design, and impliment your home network to maximize your incoming internet service, and provided added convenience for everyday uses. For instance, by using the network you can play iTunes from your PC through your home music system. Or have every computer in the house print wirelessly to an upgraded printer instead of having deskjets in every room in the house. Share a single backup drive between all computers on the network for easy and safe storage of important documents. There are practical solutions available for you, that you should be using, but have been to busy to make come to fruition. That is why we are here so give us a call.

Home Technology - Structured Wiring - Phone / Data / Video Cabling

Yes! Wirless technology is gaining popularity, however behind anything wireless is a wire!

For this reason, you should not be shortsighted when planning technology for your home. Media is gaining speed with faster transfers happening from the web to your home including large file sizes, streaming video & audio, and there are more users in the home demanding their media quickly and efficiently.

At Clear Technologies we are consumers as well, and fully understand the demands of today's technologies, let alone what the future holds. It wasnt that long ago we all heard fax tones from our modems to get on the internet. What was an iPod? Or broadband internet? Technology will only get more advanced and be more demanding for network and internet speeds. You don't build a house to only last 5 years, so plan accordingly so that your wiring will be there for you as well!

Structured wiring means all of the cabling is centrally run to a structured wiring panel or smart box, so that the cabling can be configured easily and for the needs of the homeowner. This way you are not backfeeding your technology in the house or trying to put a broadband modem on the outside of the house where the wiring terminates (This is still being done!) Why use a work around when it can be done right with a little planning.

The type of cable installed and proper termination is an essential part of structured wiring as well as the infrastructure plan and installation and distribution of incoming services. You are in luck! We excel in making things right, and we are there for you from planning your system to having you as a lifelong customer!!!!

Home Technology - Camera Systems

Cameras are not just for security anymore...

While the most common use of camera system is still for security and property protection, the evolution of technology has made cameras useful for many other reasons. With IP camera technology a camera can be watched through software and on the internet from anywhere in the world. Add a digital video recorder, similar to the one you record all of your TV shows on, and play back recorded video by time, or event, even recieve notification by email!

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