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Music itself is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, and harmony. Over time music has become an intricate part of our lives and can affect our moods, emotions, lifestyle and society. At Clear Technologies we integrate music seamlessly into the home with very simple control options so you spend less time trying to operate your music system and more time listening to the music you enjoy. From one room of music to having music in every room Clear Technologies will design the system that is right for your family.

Niles is a leader in the Music Systems industry. Here are three of our most popular Music Systems:

Niles Audio - IntelliControl

Niles Audio - IntelliControl

IntelliControl ICS brings together all of today’s entertainment sources and puts them right at your fingertips. With independent access and control of your music, movies, and videos throughout the home, you’ll enjoy soothing jazz in the den, spicy sounds in the kitchen, and cinema classics in the home theater. It’s home entertainment the way you always dreamed it could be.

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More info: Niles Audio IntelliControl Website

Niles Audio - ZR 4 - 4 Source, 4 Zone Audio Multizone Receiver Kit

Niles Audio - ZR 4:
4 Source, 4 Zone Audio MultiZone Receiver Kit with AM/FM Tuner

Includes: MultiZone Receiver, Rack Mount Ears, Four IR Weather-Resistant Keypads, Hand-Held Learning Remote Control, Three Infrared MicroFlashers®

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More info: Niles Audio ZR-4 Website

Niles ZR 6 - ZR 6 - 6 Source, 6 Zone Audio Multizone Receiver Kit

Niles ZR 6:
6 Source, 6 Zone Audio Multizone Receiver with built-IN AM/FM Tuner and iPod Integration

Includes: rack mount ears, a R-8L hand-held learning remote control and an iPod connection cable.

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More info: Niles Audio ZR-6 Website

Sonos Music System

Stream all the music on Earth
Sonos allows you to stream your iTunes library, iPod, iPad, iPhone, a wireless iPod dock, your favorite music services, and more than 100,000 free Internet radio stations, podcasts and shows.

Start with one expand to anywhere
Expand your music system room by room with additional Sonos components including the Play 3, Play 5, Connect, and Connect:Amp to use with auxiliary speakers. Control the system with a Sonos remote, your own PC, Mac, iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone.

Truly a Revolution!
The Sonos product allows you to add speakers in any room in your home, plug into a power receptacle and share music sources throughout your home. This is very powerful in the whole house music spectrum! Even better you can control the entire system or just the room you are in from your smart phone or device. Its amazing and worth a look & listen!

More info: Sonos Website

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