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being at home on a Friday night with your family. You pop in a small DVD disc and your big screen comes alive with a big, sharp, beautiful picture then suddenly you are in the center of an enveloping story. When a spaceship goes into warp drive you hear it move across the room, then whoosh over your head. When a T-Rex stomps his foot, the room shakes. A crack of thunder makes you wonder if it’s really raining outside. You can hear every word of dialogue with clarity, and the film’s score is big, rich, and powerful. You are now totally captivated by the story, and you are suddenly in the action. Welcome to the Clear Technologies home theater experience. Whether it is a dedicated theater room, media room, or your family room, we can provide a solution that you will enjoy for years to come.

Home Theater - High Definition Projectors & Screens

The heart of a home theater is the high definition projector with matching screen. A study was once performed where average video was shown with surround sound. Then high definition video was shown with the exact same surround sound. The ratings showed drastic improvement for both the audio and the video when the high definition video was shown! While sound is very important there is a premium for excellent video.

We carry the following projectors & screens:

JVC Pro InFocusOptomaStewartDraper

Home Theater - Audio / Video Components

Behind every great team there is a hall of fame coach. Behind every great show there is a great director. And behind every great media or theater room there are powerful components that put on the show. The old adage remains true "garbage in, garbage out". Make sure your system is at peak performace with a finely tuned system to maximize potential!

We carry the following audio / video brands:

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