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Research fuels technology, and superior technology leads to superior performance. At Bose, we support our research by reinvesting 100% of our profits back into the company.

Bose - Lifestyle Systems

Bose - Lifestyle Systems
Premium performance from five-speaker systems. Choose a complete system with DVD/CD player. Or add your own high-definition components and other sources with our V-class systems.

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Bose - Built Invisible Home Theater


A Lifestyle ® BUILT-INvisible system offers you a simple set of choices for the main home theater room. How to integrate home theater speakers and equipment in an esthetically pleasing room while maintaining high sound quality.

Bose - Additional Rooms of Music

Now you can experience Bose® performance, elegance and simplicity, wherever sound is important. It all starts with our award-winning Lifestyle® systems. And it gets better with Bose® link-compatible products that extend the benefits of your system—indoors and outdoors.

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