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Streaming Audio / Video
Thank you for visting the online home of Clear Technologies Inc. Streaming audio and video is the current trend for media and while it sounds nice, it can be complicated. Our philosphy is "Simplifying Home Entertainment" and thats exactly what we do. In updating your home with current technology we will only recommend and setup easy to use solutions that will work for you in your everyday life.

There are great new products and technologies at your fingertips that are simple and that you may already use. You may play your iPod in your car or on a sound dock in your home. Why not stream that music to your entire home music system, or home theater? Why not control your system from your iPhone or iPad? Most new TV's and Blu-Ray players can stream movies and TV shows from services like NetFlix. You already watch TV right. You are a click away from video streaming!

A lot of our customers are intimidated by technology and the first thing they say is we are out of touch. Thats ok and exactly what we are here for. To make technology work for you and easily fit in your everyday life with minimal effort. Don't wait call us today!